Paris Attacks

On Friday 13th November, 2015 a series of attacks were carried out throughout Paris. At least 129 people have been declared dead and around 350 have been injured. Attacks were carried out in restaurants and bars at Rue Bichat; a suicide attack was carried out around State de France and around 100 people were taken hostage at the Bataclan music venue, causing several casualties. Chaos and turmoil has spread all across Paris, but Parisians still stand strong and remain undefeated, while the rest of the world stand tall with them.

An article has been published by the Foreign Policy news outlet. Please have a read below:

The article argues in favour of outright war against ISIS and encourages all member states to mobilise NATO. Is this an effective and appropriate response? Can the consequences be guaranteed, or will it turn out to be another Iraq situation?

What are your opinions? Post your comments below.

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  1. Etienne says:

    A war is certainly necessary but NATO must be careful in placing boots on the ground lest they repeat the mistakes they made during the Gulf War and during the Iraqi invasion. Much of this war must take place at home. Governments across the world must strike at the heart of the issue or risk continuing the never ending cycle of spite between the more secular and Christian West and Muslims everywhere. This means promoting co-existence between the different cultures in our countries, eliminating discrimination, increasing the difficulty of mobility for underground groups, combat the online influence and presence of Jihadists, etc.

    People must believe that when we wage war, it is not for our personal reasons; that we are not their enemies, we are the enemies of the immoral villains that hijacked the name of Islam to commit atrocities and mindlessly kill people in the name of their God. What an insult they are to the God of Islam.

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