Who’s what and where in Syria?

Inside the Syrian Web - Diagram

Inside the Syrian Web

The purpose of this rather short article is to explain the provided diagram of the state of the Syrian conflict (November 2015). (click on the image to enlarge).

First Ring:

The first ring of the diagram is composed on the forces actually fighting on the ground, namely the Assad Regime, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the Kurdish Forces and the other Anti Assad Groups. The red arrows indicate who is currently fighting who.

Second Ring:

The second ring is composed of the regional powers punctually backing up some members of the first ring: the Shia ruled states of Iraq and Iran, as well as the Lebanese Hezbollah are supporting the Assad Regime. The Sunni states of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar as well as Turkey are actively helping the different Anti-Assad Groups in their fight against Damascus. The Kurdish parties from Turkey and Iraq are naturally building alliance with the Syrian Kurdish Forces.

Third Ring:

The third ring represents the stance of the western powers on that matter (however, this simplified diagram does not depict all aligned interests between the third and second ring countries). Russia’s strong support for the Assad Regime was materialised in late September when it started to bomb both ISIL and the Anti Assad Groups. The International Coalition, composed of the United-States and several Europe and Middle East countries, started the Operation ‘Inherent Resolve’ in September 2014 and have been bombing ISIL since then.

The peculiar stance of Turkey in this conflict should be also underlined as it has been proven that in addition to the ISIL bombing, the Kurdish Forces were also targeted. This may come from Turkey’s will to suppress the power of these groups and the possibility of building a Kurdish state in the future.

The diagram and the article are both inspired by this video from the French Newspaper ‘Le Monde’.

By Florian Metz.

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